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Sel neljapäeval, 13. novembril kell 17 avab Rundumi Prooviruumis (Joa 4, Tallinn) näituse Kirill Tulin. Projekt „island / voiced“ on osa pikemast protsessist, üle kuu aja kestnud Rundumi residentuurist peagi lammutamisele minevas vanas majas Kadrioru piiril. Perioodi jooksul on kunstnik korraldanud näitusepaigas juba mitmeid situatsioone, käesolev ehk 4. situatsioon võtab kuju teksti, valgust ja heli kaasava installatsiooni näol. 

Kirill Tulin (1989) on Eestis elav Moskva päritolu kunstnik, kes on pühendunud projektile Situation of Artistic Discussion, S(AD) - 2011: Eesti Kunstiakadeemia endisel krundil, koos Anna Škodenkoga; 2012: OKK/Raum29 gallery’s, Berliinis, koos Anna Škodenkoga. Joa 4 toimuv näitus on jätk samale projektile.

Näitus on avatud 13.-23. novembrini, iga päev kell 17-21.

Pühapäeval, 16. novembril kell 18 toimub ka artist walk, mis saab alguse Joa 4 maja juurest.

Joa 4 asub kesklinnast mõne minuti kaugusel, otse Oru bussipeatuse taga (bussid: 19, 35, 44, 51).



On Thursday, the 13th of November at 5 pm Kirill Tulin opens his exhibition „island / voiced“ at Rundum Rehearsal Space (Joa 4, Tallinn). The exhibition is part of a longer process which started already a month ago as part of a Rundum residency in an old dacha soon to be demolished at the border of Kadriorg. During this period the artist has already created three public situations, the fourth situation is this exhibition in a form of a circular-installation entangling texts, light and voices.  

Kirill Tulin (1989, Moscow, permitted resident of Estonia) is dedicated to a work called Situation of Artistic Discussion, S(AD), which has resurfaced two times so far: 2011 — on a non-place of the demolished Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, in collaboration with Anna Shkodenko; 2012 — in OKK/Raum29 gallery, Berlin, in collaboration with Anna Shkodenko). The exhibition in Joa 4 is a suite to that project.

The exhibition is open from the 13-23 of November, daily from 5 pm – 9 pm.

On Sunday, the 16th of November at 6 pm takes place an artist walk, starting from Joa 4.

Joa 4 is situated only a few minutes away from the city center, 100 m from the bus station Oru (buses: 19, 35, 44, 51 from Viru Keskus).


"it is me / third person singular will not be used in this
press-release* / i write it myself / i've lived in this house on Joa 4
which Rundum gave me for a month / i still live here / soon there will
be no such house / soon it will be past / not yet / the house is
waiting i am waiting / ... / before i got a house i had an idea for it
/ i imagined what has to be built / i imagined what has to be heard /
when i entered this house for a second time / i planted my forethought
like one plants a tree / i planted it in the ashes inside an old stove
/ around which the house is built / in which the house could end / i
started to live and it started to grow / together and each on his own
/ ... / every evening i open a door for people to come / i create some
situations for us / there were three of them here / all unfolding in
the silent dark which if lit / was lit by a cold blue flashlight / in
hand of a guest / they often trolledalong the walls / illuminating
images and texts / from the previous situations i created elsewhere /
i surrounded myself with those traces of past / those were my ashes
and a tree had its own / ... / i saw a continuum between what i did
before / and what was growing now / i felt its growth day by day as I
typed the texts / i felt it through the text palpating me / i felt its
growth day by day as I wrapped the wall / in aluminium foil hiding my
images behind / i saw a circle / a circular movement that
distinguishes this house / a circular movement that made visible
disappear and imagined appear / a circular movement that contours my
island / yes i live here as on a possible island / and i welcome you
here / i welcome your body and voice to circulate in this island /
come and imagine / it is the fourth situation on the same island / but
lit from outside by a warm light / ... / in warm silence heartbeat and
four voices "
* press-release is a poem quoted in prose


Kirill Tulin

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